Some stories captured by Vergielyn Cubol as she wanders around random corners of the world and her homeland, the Philippines, in search for interesting frames of life and unique narratives.

In Pictures: North Borneo

The remaining jungles of Borneo are a home to marvelous creatures and a myriad of endemic species . My 3-day trip to North Bornean forests allowed me to capture some moments of these animals. See the whole story.

Add to Cart, Never

Wet markets in the Philippines wake from their slumber as early as 3 in the morning. A wet market as it is called, for at all times, its floors are dampened from the drippings of water from stalls selling meats and fishes. Those dim lights from those hanging bulbs and the stench aroma of the fresh morning catch and produce never fail to attract mosquitoes and flies. See the whole story.

Cô Giang Perspective

Adorned by sight of street vendors, humble cafes and carts of Bahn Mi, just like the rest of Vietnam, the colorful and buzzing street of Cô Giang is occasionally soaked by the drizzles of the temperamental daytime August rain. See the whole story.

Sweat and Sweet: The Back-breaking Truth Behind Sugar

15 Apr., 2019 Negros Oriental PH. It is almost 11 AM when I arrive in this scorched landscape. A verdant oasis of stalks after stalks of sugarcanes. A delight to the eyes, only that it’s more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, without shade or an ounce of mercy from those clouds hanging across the horizon. How I wished they would move closer and shelter the farmers from the sweltering summer heat. See the whole story.

In Pictures: Hmong Tribe Museum, Thailand

I visited the Hmong Tribe Museum up in northern part of Thailand. There, I saw artifacts that depicted the unique indigenous culture of Thailand’s hill tribes including the Hmong, Karen, Mien, Khamu, among others. See the gallery here.

Weaving Passion: The Yakan Women of Basilan Philippines

I will never look back at fabric the same way I did. Watching Evelinda masterfully weave through each piece of fiber in her meticulous hands, I realized, this isn’t just art. This is passion, creativity, and hard work. A labor for the love of culture and a fight to keep an ancient tradition alive. See the whole story.

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