Sharing Inspiration, Stories and Smiles


Project Happiness is a hike-and-share act of kindness dedicated for underprivileged children in the distant, remote areas in the Philippines.

Inspired by the travels and experiences of Vergielyn Cubol, having seen and experienced different slices of life and poverty beyond imagination, Project Happiness now reaches bigger communities and further areas across the country with collaboration from friends and hiking communities.

It feels like I am given all the chances in the world to get out of poverty. Artistry, for one, has stir my life into a direction where I could say, I’m one blessed human being.

I’m no hero. I just wanted to have an existence that, somehow, puts positive impact towards other human beings.

Now (and since 2013), as a backpacker and storyteller, I scout through cities and remote areas in the Philippines to experience cultures, people and explore life’s amazing diversity. Overtime, I decided to commit myself to give any kind of happiness – may it be foods, inspiration, stories or simply my time — to children.

That was when PROJECT HAPPINESS was brought to life.

I realized how my words, as a storyteller, can actually be a driving force towards things that touch people’s lives.


If you would like to become a collaborator or volunteer to this humble project, contact Vergielyn Cubol using this form.

Project Happiness June 2017 Update

[2017] We’ve successfully given 150 notebooks, sets of paper, pen, crayons, among other school essentials to students who started their schooling yesterday. All the efforts were worthwhile and my sincerest gratitude to friends who made this possible. We have helped underprivileged children kickstart school with excitement, hype and above all, happiness.

Project Happiness December 2017

For the past years, our Project Happiness in the distant town of Negros Oriental is probably the most documented one. For the fourth time, we bring in Project Happiness to this place. My heartfelt gratitude to every friends and colleague who made this possible.

Gift for Smiles (GiFos, Negros Oriental) & Project Happiness 2017 Collaboration

Project Happiness 2016

[2016] The kids from a remote town in Negros Oriental was promised for a kind of Christmas that they’ve first tasted on December 2015 (Project Happiness, December 2015). In a town where a family earns less than $5 a day, there’s nothing much to expect for the holidays. I listed all the foods these kids wish to eat and well, made it happen in this year’s (2016) Project Happiness. I have helped from the locals. I singlehandedly cook as early as 12 midnight until the early morning of December 17 but it was all oh so worth it.

Project Happiness 2015

[2015] In a small town where a family of 5-9 earned an average of less than $5 a day, I couldn’t really expect merry Christmas parties – not even for kids. I’ve asked around and found that this town never had a Christmas party for their children – EVER.Thank you to all the kindhearted people who made this happen. Our YouCaring campaign was a success, muchas gracias everyone!