In search for . . .

. . . something beautiful, more texture, more varied.

I am in search for something that only I can get from the world by looking at it through the perspective of an artist.

Beyond the colors, metaphors and the abstracts, I honestly do not know what that thing is just yet. And that’s the beauty of it. That’s the adventure of it. It may sound poetic, yet it is the reason behind all these hard works.

At a hindsight, I am in search for wisdom, knowledge, stories. But I know there is more to it that I wanted.

I am putting the hours, doing the job (job) and this REAL job which is to create. I am giving my all to this thing, with that safe distance of knowing that it may work or may not.

So . . . let another year come in.

Let the rejection letters flood in.

Constructive and destructive criticism are welcome with arms wide open.

Let the world judge whether it is a masterpiece or a cheap throwaway material.

All I care, is that I get to create.

And for that, I can lurk in solitude, be joyful about it, whatever the outcome might be . . .